Change Change



Just stop

Stop talking about all the things you would change

change is not the answer

leave change in your wallet or in a collection jar

because with each statement of change the world doesn’t get richer

poor judgement pressed upon those who are lesser

like a penny in the rough

you’re freshly minted

even if your disheveled and tattered

your worth the same as if you were new

so here’s a new idea

don’t change a thing

change your perspective

so you know what I would change?

I would change the word

take change out of the dictionary and leave it in a jar that I’ll cast away at sea

see I would change change to words like



better yet I would delete it

you can’t improve yourself

improvement doesn’t necessarily mean closer to perfection

the word change is really like an infection

highlighted by Vogue magazines who’s artificial changes are without detection

spreading change like lost pennies on the streets

under chairs

and at the bottom of washing machines

each picture of artificial change impressing change on those most impressionable

“I want to change my hair”

“I would change figure” .. “my race”

“my orientation”

what would I change?

I would change change

keep the beauty of the world in the differences

change the inevitable outcome of little girls wishing for superficial change

so they can focus their mind on real progression

this change in their mind is the only thing holding back thoughts of new scientific equations

new inventions to pave way for the new generations

their minds so consumed in their comparisons and visions of change

so I would change the idea of change

a word brought with positive connotations in the mind

but meaning the suppression of something already in existence

changing something thats already beautiful

because I don't care whether you're a penny or a dime

you’re worth something

so keep your change in a jar and cast it out to sea

because I don’t you see

I don’t want to hear it rattle


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