Change and Will

My genius shocks me, as sweet as victory is, I was so shocked!
Felt down by myself, sank in a ditch, a shallow pit, none other than myself
Now I understand, how I was wrong
I didn’t make mistake, but prevent it I can
I am the change, sweeping in a saddle of typhoon
Difference of success and failure lies within my grasp
Governed by others, I would rather prefer myself
Sweet, sweet, I see there is nothing I can’t do!
Impossibility, I gasp, I can see my chance
To prove the world how capable I become
I am not same man who used to feel so sad
I changed in every way, you wouldn’t recognize me if you knew me back in the day
Change so sweet, so sour, gives satisfaction
Enjoying reality and existence, hard to grasp just by description
My mistakes taught me much, but still confuses me as such
What more I crave than a look at my lady’s fame
I see both sides of the picture
Optimist and pessimist, possibly opessimism
For what purpose we go on or give up, or fed up
Maybe it’s all three, yet ceasing is not the answer
Face the trouble, look into its eyes, and win the fight not run from it
If you don’t, the beast would follow you to hell,
Unless stopped by your strong will.

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