Change Is In The Air.


Change is in the air and there’s so many things  to be modified,

Change is a normal occurrence no matter the day or time.

Lifestyle changes are very common,

I would change the way I looked at the world.

So many missed opportunities that I cannot get back,

Regret flys through my mind on the daily.

What would have life been like if I took every opportunity that I received?

Would I be more outgoing and nostalgic?

I cannot change the past, only ponder what it could have been,

Not simply just looking at the world around me

But seeing.

Seeing and noticing everything that happens around me,

noticing every little detail that may appear.

Perhaps if I had paid more attention life would,

be a little more clear.

If I were to simply pay closer attention to the smaller things

Perhaps I’ll be a different and open minded person.

My dreams and thoughts of who I want to be

are based on everything that I have perceived,

Every outlook I may have in the future, is relying on

opportunities and challenges that I will face.

Change is in the air, and it’s starting with

facing my fears of failing, opening my eyes,

seeing, and defeating  the opportunities and reality,

That surrounds me.


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