Change Agents

This is a letter to the folks who are trying to be woke but still need to listen:  We strive to be Change Agents but we have a fear of being complicatedWe are afraid of being weighted, aggravated and frustrated  We come up with every excuse to refuse to do the work and be silencedBut our silence will not protect us, it just causes more violence  How can we fulfill our life’s mission if we lack awareness to injustices in our world? We claim it's necessary to be politically correct or PC, and to avoid conflict; we must agree to disagree But No, we can no longer hide from the truth  Is it too PC to say that 250 black lives have been killed by police in 2016?Is it too PC to say that gay people in Chechnya are being tortured to death as we speak?Is it too PC to say that American citizens are told they are rapists, drug dealers, and terrorists on the dailywhen in reality they are here for opportunity  People have told me to focus on the “Community” and these events are afarbut while we sit here in our individual bubblespeople are dying because of who they are  Global injustices affect usYou may be disagreeing but these events take a toll on our well being,  We need to be in the moment and in the movements, And in order to do that, we need to make change Martin made change when he spokeOscar made change when he educatedMalala made change when she stood up for her beliefsKorematsu made change when he stood up for his people These people did it, why can't we? Were they PC? I didn't think so Our work’s mission expect us to shape a changing world but how will we change society if we don’t even know the needs of our own community We need to resist, insist and persist while fostering conversation with administration making sure everyone around us has a voice We need to listen in order to understand the needs and experiences of our community We can erase silence by creating and joining alliances  the one time of day the minority becomes the majority  We need to make sure that all people here feel supported. We could do this by having panels, town halls, teach ins and speakers events where diversity issues are addressed, heard and recorded. We need to know that one person’s step may be somebody else’s leap: ‘cause Journey talks are great, but I've always had a tough time contemplating on the daily and sensing that in this world  perfection is valued over improvement and people continue to be defined by numbers on a piece of paper, in the check books and on the scale and that, my friends is not equity and inclusion. With integration, inspiration and innovation we can create connections, have reflections and address objections when needed to. We need to include Diversity in our curriculum: texts, authors, perspectives, cultures, scientists and learning styles, everything to enhance our learning and make sure our spaces are places where multiculturalism is being celebrated not tolerated. Lets wake up in 2018! I hope you know that no matter what:  I will attend the meetingsI will follow up with my community I will listen to youI will advocate on your behalf regardless if our views alignAnd finally, I will love you because “Love itself is a revolutionary act”And every single one of us has the potential to reactAnd make changes to injustices in our world  Thank you, and good luck to my fellow change agents doing this work with me 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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