You are a disgrace, some of you so cruel.

You shove opinions in faces in the name of "school".

When am I to see teaching at its finest?

When teachers start teaching and put and end to closed-mindedness.

I'm learning, but all I see are your opinions, not the evidence.

From finance, science, to learning all the presidents.

You shoot down the thoughts of students, you say that we're dumb.

When it comes to knowledge, most feel numb.

Start teaching by the books, keep your opinions out of the matter.

Let our head fill with truth and our brains get fatter.

I want to see change, a willingness to learn,

Students striving for a grade that they wish to earn.

I don't want to see a student fear to voice their thoughts

Or to be called upon with the look of a deer in headlights caught.

It's time for change, filled with great prudence

It's time for the teachers to become the students.



This was directed to a particular teacher I had about a year ago. She would always voice her opinions about the subject, but when we tried to discuss our own opinions with her she would shoot us down and say we were stupid and wrong. That is something I find extremely unethical and unteacherly, and as far as I know it she is still the same way with her current students. 

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