A Change


I don't know how to say this, but the picture, I will try to capture

But what I want cahnged is schools pressure.

The pressure to get honors, and at the end of the day try to sleep

Good grades, knowing teachers, and having to repeat the next week.

The stress grows daily as the work piles on

I just need a break, but the week runs on.

Got a couple of bad grades this term and didn't make honors

And I feel like crap when they praise those who did, making me feel smaller.

It sucks when you try your best and don't succeed

When people are passing by you with A's, while I'm at C's

My mental state is actually becoming very bad

Depression and anxiety from, great, more symptoms to add.

So please read me words and take them into check

Because I think we're all struggling from schools pressure to be perfect.


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