Isn't it amazing how everyone can agree on one thing that can benefit the world, and yet do absolutley nothing to help it actually happen?

I often think about the times where people say that things need to change, something's gotta change, we gotta do something, let's change this.

That one word, "change" what is it about that word that we know so much about but also so litte at the same time.

We live in a world where empty promises are a thing, poverty is a thing, corrupt governments are a thing, crime is a problem, and the school sytems need to be mended, and things need to well... change.

Aren't you tired of hearing those four words? Things. Need. To. Change.

We are already aware of the problems in this world,it's not assuring to hear people saying things need to change, we already know that!

What we don't know is the plan to fix it.

I wanna live in a world where I don't have to worry about being judged for who I am and what I look like, for once in my life I want to feel good about being African, Nigerian, and black without people thinking I'm stupid, a scammer, or ghetto.

Is it to much to ask to live in a world where everyone is actually treated equally?

Sure things might be better than they were in the past, but thigs could always be better.

Like Martin Luther King Jr. I also have a dream, a dream where we can put all of the worst parts of our history officially behind us and live in a world full of equality, peace, and unity

So I can grow up and my children will never have to expirience the hard times that all of the world went through to get to that point.





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