Black paths back on the scenic route to lynching

And burning effigies

All about “make America great again!”

As they bare arms and trail off from common sense

As they are fished with bait that reels in those who

Suffer from tainted politics and the illusion of

False truths.

Indoctrination became the new form of


As idiocracy became the new form of


Minds dense, bitter and tense, and ignorance is


The only jewels that crowns the emperor's head

Are diamonds and pearls because

Garnets and peridots aren’t seen for their value and

Elegance, but rather distinguished by color.

Soaring missiles and bombs that strike down

Camaraderies send diversity into shelters in order

To conform into concealment under the flames

Of extremism and supremacy

And wearing cloaks to shield the most vulnerable

From hypocrisy and remarks that fire like a bullet

Which pierces one’s mentality and confidence

Until it crumbles down like a glass castle.

Jihad and Assad, we’re living under a facade with

Articles and media avoiding war gods

As we applaud celebrities for announcing twins

And send out prayers to save others under

Rubble and rubbish

Yet we’ve no regards to save us from our own sins

Because we believe we are entitled to purity

And morality.

Backwards wars and beliefs and thoughts send

History on a mission to enter a neverending loop

Which leaves citizens in a state of limbo and


Souls wounded, bound by racism and xenophobia

As they scream, “We cry for peace!”

But the royal world court refuses to cease

Fire and lower the bayonets that welcome

Hatred and terror.

The nightmare repeats until blood is shed

So it can start all over again for extra media

Coverage and monetary status.

The 21st century embraces times for love and

Change yet we refuse to take charge and lead

Ourselves away from becoming estranged from one


Change doesn’t start with a wish.

Change doesn’t start with hoping.

It starts with a dream.

It starts with an action.

And it can start from an individual as simple

As me.

From one hug to another, letting people know they are loved and cared for reminds them that the

World isn’t so immoral and vile.

Let the children be children and let them Experience the joys of their feet frolicking in the

Sand as the beach waves tickle their toes.

The American dream isn’t the dream that we all Wanted.

The system is corrupt and the people are afraid.

The time needs to move forward and pluck the riddance of racism from the world.

Introduce the people to reshaping communities

Into families.

Live free, for I plea for citizens to breathe and let go of past mistakes to end the cycle of continuity

Because I guarantee the bad is only temporary and never should a fellow brother or sister feel unamerican.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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