One word, six letters, and is something many fear. It is a transition that cues a difference.

Even if the difference could call on a positive change, we run.



Change is inevitable. It is a fact of life. Without change, it would all be a vicious cycle.

It is cycle one sees in the lives of many.

Like the mother who lives on her own and raises children by herself.

Like a partner in a relationship he/she no longer feels happy in.

The desire for change is great in these situations. It is the fear of letting go that consumes.

It is that same fear that gets to me.

To stop dreaming, and put our hands to the plow, and reap what was sown.

It is something we fight in ourselves . It is something that tempts us in our worst and give up.

Change is something we see in relations with war.

War changes soldiers. They no longer are the same brother, father, son, daughter, or sister who was deployed overseas.

War impacts the civilians caught in the crossfires.

War changes the society that is fighting for or against a change.

We have fought wars or change in our lives we don't want to accept.

Change is something we protest for.

It is why some of us are in school.

Why we push through hardship.

Why we preach when it comes to making a difference.

A difference is a result of change.

We fear change and at the same time, we welcome it.

It is an adventure into the unknown.

Perhaps it is time to change.

Maybe, just maybe it is time for me to change. 

Look beyond my views.

What I hold inside my heart.

To change and purge myself.

In hopes one day, I will love the change I see.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Read this backwards for slight difference in angle.

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