We need change!

It's possible and within our range!

Mustering up all hope,

Let us all climb life's steel slope!

From becoming techno-slave,

Open the hearts, to save!

World goes head-over-heels,

Right into the mouths of doom-spelling seals!

Greenery has become 'past'!

Our resources are dwindling fast!

Today's saplings become tomorrow's future!

Without them, our breathing is a torture!

Our corrupted souls crave money,

A single touch pollutes the purest honey!

A colossal void fills our heart,

Conscience, murdered by stinging dart!

'Impossible' is not a word for us!

Change for the better is a must!

Changing the way we think, does wonders!

'Be the Change!', and the world surrenders!

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Our world
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