The feeling of wariness consumes me, 
I am pondering many things about modern society,
Gazing at the memories of humanities past, 
Comparing and contrasting,
About the evolution of mankind, 
Not that of machinery, 
Phones that function better than humans, 
O the absurdity! 
I yearn for change, 
For the advancements of man's creation, 
Where did our sense of improvement run off to? 
We gaze at screens and mutter Ebonics, 
Terms that the newer generation think is 'cool' 
and that education, 
Is something to dread,
O how I yearn to dwell within a time, 
Where art works were painted and math was mainstream, 
Where people had the courage,
to speak against others convictions, 
The relentless pushing of peace and civility,
Where the origins of languages developed
and were used to make something meaningful,
The poetic verses that aspired difference in mentality, 
The simple yet complex quotes,
made by Aristotle and Einstein 
that encouraged independence and skeptical thinking, 
Where people desired an education,
The desire to learn more,
than they already know,
Where humans, 
Question everything, 
To increase their knowledge, 
Of waiting for a change. 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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