"X, What is your goal in life?" I stand staring at the mirror for the 5,699th day.  "Most girls have an ambition in life, why is yours missing?" And Again, for the 5,699th day, I ask myself why I'm different than other girls. Days go by and nothing changes. And All I knew at that moment was I didn't have a reason to exist.   "You can easily stop this hurting." I assured myself for the last day that I wouldn't have to struggle anymore. No experience would pertain to my subconscious any longer.   "Why can't you change?" I inquire for the millionth time.   "X, you found your ambition!" It is now my 5,921st day on earth.   "Who are you now?" I have found my reason to resume living. Change has come to me in precarious ways yet I have obtained my change rather swiftly.   Change doesn't come easily. Change is uncertain, change is hard. However change is human, change is necessary, change is life. With change comes prosperity. This is my prosperity.   Eight months ago I decided that I wasn't going to deal with my insecurities. Making a decision that was detrimental, I have learned a lot."What does your change mean?" My change means survivor. My change means "Future."   I have a future now! This is my future! I am taking steps in my change for that future.  This is my change.


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