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woke up this morning, took a shower

following my slumber, of 8 hours

it's a cycle we go through day by day

since I was 4 years old, it's been that way

sometimes I ask myself why

it feels like time flies by

we get so used to doing it all

over and over we start in the fall

end in the winter, and start over in spring

it never changes, not a thing

we are told the importance of school

go everyday, stay on track, don't be a fool

sometimes I wonder why

i get up everyday, just to get by

what does my future hold

are dreams really developed in your mind or are they sold

am I living to do something someone couldn't

they say live life clean, don't do anything you shouldn't

there are too many people saying "do and dont"

not enough saying "could but won't"

sometimes I feel like I don't have a plan

more of a schedule, made by another man

people get so used to living the norm

no one speaks up, they all just conform

maybe it would be better, to live without expectation

maybe then, we'd live in a more open minded nation

open our minds to new ideas, widen the range

and all it takes is one person, willing to fight for change.


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