It is what people fear the most

But also what people expect as they progress

 Yet asking what I would change

Could quite possibly be a question impossible to answer

Change is unpredictable

Change is unfathomable

With every change comes numerable outcomes

Some of which we would welcome

Others not so much

If I had the power to change any one thing

Whether it be me, the community, or even the world

I would not

As good as the intentions may be

The results could speak a different story

What may seem good for one

Could end in tragedy for another

Leaving that much power in the hands of one person is dangerous

Rather than asking what I would change

A better question would be

What would WE change

As much as one could desire to change their surroundings

One cannot support the weight  of many

The honest truth is

It is impossible

No one has made it alone

When there are others to help along the way

With others to rely on

To pick you up where you fall

The real question is

What should WE change

Only once we can answer that

Will things change for the better


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