There are so many ways to make change

But what is a dollar? 

Just a body of ideas the government has told us is worth our time 

just a collection of nickels and dimes

And, I know, a penniless poet is penless, 

and it takes money to make money, baby,

But I would make change for more than the dollar,

I would return this country to its native self

would return humanity to its natural wealth

before GDP and OCD were things and the child was an istrument of future use

in raking in global dollars.

Let go of your cars, your houses too big to ever be fully used,

The American Dream is good and all, but it's time to wake up.

Poverty is relative, and the ever-increasing standard of living threatens to

eradicate all life. So my message to you, then, is to make change

for more than just dollars, for sense.


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