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42° 44' 3.3468" N, 73° 34' 58.6884" W

Riding in on it's swooping steed
Haste-full overnight
Wearing a different mask
So i may not recognize
Invisible till its felt
It can not face me
Just as I can not face it
Yet we are old friends
Familiar to pain
I fear we have reached a point in time
Where I must pull of her mask
I know change must be a woman
For she is unstable
just as are the pieces of myself
The pieces that fall our of my heart
The pieces that can never be recovered
Perhaps Change and I
We should sit by the water
Feed the ducks together
If she insists on wearing a mask
We could make one together
Rainbows and Glitter
Something I could see coming
Just let me see you coming Change

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