The Chameleon


A chameleon blending  

My person bending

To match all the colors surrounding

My expression is cool

As I walk into school

But meanwhile my heart is pounding


White are the nerds

They study too much

Their worries are narrow and safe

And I, while still bright,

Seem to be an off-white

When I try to connect with their tastes


The athletes are red

Surrounded with praise

Brawny, fast and heroic

And yes, I do play

But not in their way

The game’s not my life and I show it.


Green is the group

Of the cute but the dumb

They smoke, drink, have sex, and they party

Attractive and fun

But I am not one

Next to them my green seems less hearty


Performers are yellow

Their spotlights are bright

Creating a show and a clamor

I act, dance, and sing

For the grace of the thing

Not a highlighted moment of glamor


My friends? Mostly blue

And some are quite true

They listen, support, and stay near

But however I try

I still can’t deny

My blue next to theirs is quite queer


It’s hard to describe

What I simply don’t  see

And that would be someone who matches me

What color am I?

My life is a lie

“Know who you are to set yourself free”


That’s what they say

But what do they mean?

What color am I if not white, blue, or green?

I scurry along

The colors still wrong

Hoping, one day, I will see the unseen


Then one day I see:

My skin doesn’t match

And I’m scared to let my own show

A chameleon am I?

Well a bad one at that

Then I must be, then yes, I’m a rainbow


A chameleon lacks

A hue of his own

Rainbows are vibrant but few

Then that’s all I need

A group of my kind

To let my true colors shine through













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