Chamber of Claws and Fangs

I watch you soar
as I tremble in the flames
that you ignite with the corpses
of my retrospect
I'm here burning alive
I know you'll just take the ashes and throw them back into the fire

I hope one day you bleed like me
as your sanctuary sinks into this blemished earth
your cries constricted
but your fears still circulate
claimed by darkness
and forever become its slave.

Nothing can extract
the throns growing in my heart.
No, nothing can soak up
the venom released into my brain.
And no one can pick up all the fragments of glass
from my shattered hopes and dreams.

It's hard to breathe
with your foot burrowed in my chest
Try to blind me
by burying me in your illuminated sights
but I will arise
and flee to distant horizons.

I'll be the choir
for all those who are afriad to sing
I'll be the voice and diction
for creatures who are out of reach
of the weapons that are our words.

So seal your fate
in the lines of their discretion.
but my circumstance
lies cradled in my fists
and swaying with my shouts.



At first read, I wondered about the subject of your poem. Your words are not shallow and appreciate this type of work a great amount. I am torn, however, because I believe this a timeless sort of poem; a poem that may mean anything to its reader and I am amazed at this accomplishment.

Might I inquire about your personal message in this poem? i.e. what does this poem mean to you, the author?


You have given yourself hope

With these words.

But the words are not the full essence of it.

There are faces and flames

Claws and chaos.



"I know you'll just take the ashes and throw them back into the fire" - that line is pure brilliance. The whole thing is stunning though. The ending really packs a punch - starting from "I'll be the voice" and on, I was holding my breath for a worthy ending, and you really delivered.

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