Challenge to the Hurried, the Busy, the Rushed

Busy sidewalks,

crowds of people—

rush rush rush.


No time, no time,

will not stop



Too busy busy busy

too much effort to see



This moment—

time spins on,

never ceasing—


we could end it

change it

save it.


But poeple are too

busy busy busy,

no stopping, none.


Why should they suffer

in silence—

no one to speak.


Why do we not

use our voices—

raise shout cry out.



I stand,

say "NO!"


No more

no more,

stand with me, brother,


sister, friend.

Stand and refuse

to walk away.


Halt in your 

busy busy busy.

Just stop.



pain suffering heartache.



you and I and he and she—

together we change,



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