The Challenge of Dyslexia


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(poems go here) The children were on the playground
All laughing and having fun
One little girl sat on the bleachers
Stating that she, “was all done!!”.

They tried to explain “hop-scotch”
The words too fast to comprehend
She thanked them very politely
For she knew she could lose a friend.

This special girl was very compassionate
She knew within her heart
“That girl knew that I was different
knowing this, that set her apart.”

Visually she watched the game
As they hopped on one-leg
And next she saw the girl approach
With words of praise and beg.

“Please come and join, I need you here
I want you by my side
To be my friend that’s always true
-and always be my guide”.

She tried to keep up with the others
Struggling each and every day
That hole was getting deeper
Lack of sociability got in her way.

The disabilities never changed
Just the struggles and the game
The school and courses harder
But the friendship never waned.

The distance was a trying time
A new school was meant to be
The daily laughs and sharing times
Now distance would be the key.

New friends and relationships
Were bound to set them apart
For adolescence is part of life
Where we grow, begin a new start.

But some bonds are made forever
Deep within our souls
That special gift of sharing
Aren’t created in a mold.

It does not need expression
It does not need a cause
Words aren’t even necessary
Just an ear, listen and pause.

The life we live will take its path
Our journeys make us grow
Be stronger and independent
But our past will always know.

Friendships are few and far between
The patience is hard to share
For looking stuck-up or stupid
Is a cross She could not bare.

Living with Dyslexia
Is not an easy one
Academics and socially
You’re always on the run.

The skills can be acquired
Not in a week or two
Understanding the brain
Is the science of” who’s who”.

I’m on my way to college
They said I never would..
I made it through the challenge

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This was inspired by a childhood memory of my loyal friend Louden who helped me along my journey dealing with my school education and dyslexia diagnosis.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

and guess what? you achieve by dealing with the challenge
not the other way-thank your friend for accepting and helping you through your journey
great job and it is very inspiring

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