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I saw chakras 

in their billions 

walking awake, together 

in lurid luminosity of prosperity 

as pilgrims 

beyond earth of every planet


for starving prisoners 

and the lost free


Persuading them to celestial banquets 

for service freshness 

and fullness of saintliness 

In truth 

no one knows the cost of the moon 

in the smile of the sun 

to redeem what is lost 

unveiling them 

to beautiful cities of blessings


Essences emerging, 

beings blooming 

in consciously breathing gems 

more to be, 

than all heard, seen, and felt 

in trillions of thrilling spaces 

within unexplored truths of 

Worlds of Words, will, and faith 

sprung by infinite worlds a new

revived from one point to the other.


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Our world
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