The Chains That Held Onto Me

The fears kept me locked up from body to soul,

Thinking I would not make it anywhere.

My mind was burried in a deep a dark hole.


The loved ones who blocked me from my goal,

The ones I trusted and thought would care.

Their discouragement made my heart beat like a drum roll.


The chains that held onto me on a tall metal pole.

All the doubts had made me lose some hair.

I was living in a world that I could not control.


I could not take it anymore and pulled on the pole.

I began to pull on the chains to fly in the air,

As I soon felt the rusted chains that held onto me unroll.


I can do anything if I believe in myself as a whole.

I will have a great future and get a degree, I declare.

As long as I do not give up, I will get my goal.


The chains that held onto me has taken its toll.

I will make something of myself, I swear!.

My dream is to go to a college and enroll

As long as I work hard from my body to my soul.


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