The Chains of Change

They say that in the beginning there was nothing

no air, no light, no life.

Now whether you believe in science or religion

both hold this to be true,

With the big bang setting off a never-ending molecular reaction

ions, nebulas, compounds, stars

billions of tiny explosions booming across the void,

Or the all-knowing God giving light to the universe

creating worlds, building both Earth and the Heavens

all so two people could take a big fall.


People say life changes over time

you grow old, lose friends, gain new ones

move to new cities believing you’re destined for bigger things.

I’ve heard life can change in an instant

driving home on an idle Thursday morning after coffee with a friend

all of a sudden that other blue car seems far ahead

until in the next second it’s in your face,

there’s nowhere to go, no way to stop, your heart racing 1000 beats per minute.


Just as life changes

people change too.

Some changes move you closer to your goals

sometimes you turn into a stranger to your best friend,

the two of you gradually lose touch

until finally all you can say about them is

“Oh, Steven?

 Yeah I used to know him.

That was years ago, I never knew he got remarried.”


Life is unavoidably tied to change

I’m constantly breaking old limits, old habits, old ideas,

all just to start the process again and gain new ones

my hope is that am able to change until my last breath.

If I’m still breathing

then I can still change something

the chains of change are chains I would never break.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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