Certain Satisfaction.

Fri, 08/09/2013 - 02:57 -- Carina


It's banging around,
to and fro,
inside my chest,
i begin to swell.
These secrets left untold, 
known only by pencil or pen,
parchment and my fingertips.
The foundation of my soul,
settled deep within my bones,
my heart beats slow and steady,
As i begin to write again.
In my mind I think and express,
words seldom left lips;
opinions I know to voice,
others left within.
These thoughts, these feelings, these longings and fears,
my dreams and my hopes,
can all be found here.
Not spoken nor showed,
but written and silently expressed. 
A new hope, new beginning,
A new page turned.
I'm left with ink blotched hands, and heavy lids,
carpel tunnel, and satisfaction. 


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