Center Three

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 21:19 -- Ceaz

looking threw each eye the three folds of feelings can dictate your day. 

Pain, love, hope .

You may feel that your looking threw your pain.

Past , past indicated wounds causing internal scares on the rhythm of your heart beat.

Right . Right . Something's got you patting your pockets like something's gotta be missing in my life for me to be this happy, and this happy is only sadness because my smile is only temporary for a few milliseconds to give your chest a stretch to say your still breathing . Just in pain from the thing that's got you mentally missing like you don't belong here.

Left . Left Love got you feeling all invincible like this going last forever . This person will always be there for me. Love makes you base your happiness off of the way that persons lip curls when they smile .

It's love when you can hear there laugh and see the future the two of you can build. As much as you try not to rush you can help but to imagine what your family would look like. It's love .

It's not love when, they cause infliction in your eyes like is it pain or love . It's not love when they got you coming up with exuses for there behavior while they get exused and try to make time to talk to you later.

It's not love if they make you feel you have to prove yourself and your displaying their name carved in your heart and stitched together with there words that give you hope with. like the way they say I love you too .

Hearing that makes you feel like that has to be love .

Blurred vision. Centered . Centered . Center your own entity I the middle of that temporary body that you are using for this lifetime. Don't see the pain that the love you thought you had erased .

Don't let your vision be blurred by looking thew love . Love is a beautiful thing for two that are ready . But if one isn't you'll be selling your soul to the underworld and seeing threw pain and feeling the burn of hate.

Center your.self don't you bases your left love as your foundation of happiness and don't let that left love be the right foot you step off with because each step with be pain. Center yourself and feel nothing but hope , hope that will teach you that it's not that you are not good enough for that person but your third eye is too strong and you see that things were not compatible enough to experience euphoria . 

You'll see hope that past pain and future love with send you to someone that will ease past pain and be your forever love and , when you get that your three fold will be love happened and hope. This is why I wake up. To fight to be centered

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