There are so many _______ I want to say

Wishing to express myself ,

But the ______ dance on the tip of my tongue

Teasing me before fading away,


The distance grows,

As they keep talking,

And I keep struggling,

Where they never have to.


I love the way _____ flow on a paper,

In a poem saying the things I can’t

No matter how I try, the ______ run away

Stretching the distance between me and others.


Running away

Out of fear,

Leaving me far behind

As I wonder why they run.


The desire to speak _________, even one

Boils in my blood at my weakness.

In my inability to even speak a _______

My tongue is just a piece of flesh.


Sitting there,

Uselessly dead

Just taking up space,

Mocking me.


To say one _____ leaves me exhausted,

My mouth is only good for eating,

The harder I force the ______ out

It doesn’t sound like me at all.


This poem is about: 
My community


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