You are a celestial sphere

That sings melodious songs to my ear,

God always has crayons ready by his side

And decided to put a scribble of lilac in your sky

He thought that it would compliment your clouds

A work of art that the great one has put together

But cannot be bought at any art show

Because it is free,

For the world to see

Oh, and it is so pleasing to my eyes


Sometimes you are stormy

With an order of rain

That I did not see on the menu

But your rain cleanses me

And I am restored


Your thunder,

Gives me a warning of your power

That I only learn to love more

And your perfect radiant skies,

Are not the only ones that are admirable

Your rainy days somehow have given me life

It sets me apart from your overused sunny days

That also comes with a side of glistening sunny skies

So I fall for your imperfections,

And gloomy celestial galore


But I fall for all of you,

Your marvelous colored blue, pink or purple

Or even at times, orange heavens

That sing a melody that I start to follow the same tune to

“And I want to give you the whole universe

But I am barely just a star”

And you’re just simply like the sky

That only increases its beauty

Time to time


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