Celebrate, He Only Takes The Best


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how will there be no parade for you

no holiday with your remembrance and name etched into its fabrication

how could school and work not be canceled on your birthday ?

for a woman that meant so much to me

how could you not be celebrated as the rest of the greats?

you struggle days on end trying to find the right things to say

but they're all right words if they come from the heart aren't they..?

you start to remember the time you were asleep

& she wakes you up to rush you out of the house

because she found a snake under the couch..

the time she was in the car after having quit smoking

& was on a quest through her purse for a cigarette that wasn't there..

& the many trips to places you can’t in all remember

but came to love because of the long car rides

talking to her about anything.

my bestfriend, my guardian angel, my superwoman..

i’ll throw my own parade for you.

i’ll create my very own personal holiday made in your honor.

i’ll celebrate your name, your life, and our memories

as fans do to their idols. my bestfrien

d, my guardian angel, my superwoman..

I love you.



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