Ceiling Balloons Pt. 9: All I See is the Sea

I am a ceiling balloon

flying high and free

and beneath my little string

All I see is the sea.


I am a robin, flying high

soaring on the breeze

and looking down, down below

is a ceiling balloon below me.


I’m a teenager, struggling

staring up to the sky

and what I see on the dock

is a robin and balloon above me.


I am an evil inside a child

trying to escape the hold

and looking around I see a teen

a bird, balloon, all free.


I am a girl, deeply in love

and the one I love stands near

on the dock, watching a bird and balloon

flying around the Florida Key.


I am the other who sits alone

watching the lovers breathe in the sea

though trapped in the pit of despair

the bird and balloon, I see.


We are the ones who share the rings

together ‘til the end of days

under the palm tree, in the shade,

all the people, we see.


I am the dreamer who watches it all

living life as a fantasy

nothing more than runaway

to run away to the sea.


I am a ceiling balloon,

flying above the sea

and under me, what I see

is what the world is supposed to be.


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