How deep in that cave should i wander

The fork stabs me; i see two paths set before 

Harsh light lining my sight

His Blight

Like a newborn sun rising off in the horizon in an aberrant, pink blaze

i'm struck; lightning; i'm drunk; alcohol

Nonetheless i sat, and i thunk...

Dark walls closing in, it's a tunnel that was once a grand hall

And the final ball so gorgeous to the prince and princess, i, for one, sit and

Watch waltzes while walls cave in


Moonlit like the river of my dreams

It takes but a minute violet scorch reach my tears and i lose i lose i lose focus

like i need a tap

like i lost it and i need a strap

and i can't stop running like a faucet

i'm still just tap

and i ran and i ran

i run but all i see is black

Till I feel water and I hear claps

fade to black

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Our world
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