Cautionary Tale


Seek and you shall find whats hidden deep in the depths of your mind.

Beware of whats inside for you may find the demons you've been trying to hide.

Count your blessings for you may see you've turned into the person you never wanted to be. 

Clothed in lies and covered in shame its the things left behind that I tend to blame.

Its the constant regret, trying so hard to forgive and forget.

Lives changed forever more, just remember to leave all of your burdens at the door.

Feelings of hatred, disdain, and disgust are the emotions bottled up inside about to bust. 

Lurking in the dark waiting to strike are these poisonous creatures with their venomous bites. 

They say time heals all scars, but i guess that time couldn't mend ours.

Time gone by and the scars still remain, every glance at them bringing back the pain. 

We trip and we fall we yell and we crawl we try and we try but in the end still wish to die. 

The bite of these creatures coursing through my veins, and now ever since that day my life has never been the same.


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