Don’t be naive and tricked.

They are always watching you, the eyes of Uncle Sam.

He knows where you are,

What you’re doing,

And who you’re with.

The muse you think is your own is what he wants to inspire you.

The man is nothing but a Sisyphean; he’ll take everything you have.

What is yours is really his.

This life is nothing but an Odyssey, the obstacles already set in place for you to stumble.

And when you fall, you fall.

And he laughs, gawking and pointing at you.

Don’t be ignorant;

Can’t you see the handwriting on the wall?

He already knows what you’re going to do.

You think you’re two steps ahead when really, you’re five steps back.

Careful though, once Pandora’s Box is open, everything is released.

And he wont like that.

Become the modern Frankenstien;

Destroy your creator and who “lead” you.

Proceed with caution,

And don’t ever lose sight of your psyche.

That’s all you have left.


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