The Causal Ocean



Crimson beams alluring to a new day’s dawn

Natures greeting to a venerable world reborn

Helios again rising banishing darkness away

Reviving Gaia with an effortless coloured array


Hidden by the surreal cloak of deep dark night

Unseen creatures avoiding the advancing light   

An arrival announcement of the goddess Aurora

By a boisterous cacophony nascent from the flora


A time immemorial celestial re-occurrence

Aeons passing during new species emergence

All omnipotent gods to such primitive men

Who knew without knowing the meaning of zen


Consciousness expanding into a knowledge of self

Oracles and healers building community wealth

Along with knowledge came the need for greed

Leading to destruction by worldwide blitzkrieg


Armageddon is now upon us sayeth the wise

Then Brahma yawns and closes his eyes

A deafening silence in the absence of light

An end, a beginning, a creationist plight


Mixing matter and soul and spirit and nature

A maelstrom causal nexus of the creator

As the ascetic meditator wakes and yawns

Crimson beams allure as a new day dawns


This poem is about: 
Our world



The Causal Ocean is my vision of the never ending cycle of birth and death on a cosmic scale.

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