Catch a Falling Star

She went out with a bucket on the roof

She caught a falling star and she put it in her pocket 

She took a photo to keep it as proof

She tried not to let it fade away


She wanted to save it for a rainy day 

And here she is caught in a flood

The sky is grey and she’s out in the alleyway  

And the stars are stuck in the sky 


The beeping of the machines is getting louder 

And she is mad at the sky 

for keeping the stars so close 

And then the beeping stops 


It’s loud and people are running 

He’s not breathing 

She doesn’t think she can either 

There’s no beeping 

It’s quite, nothing more 


It’s dark and she’s dressed all in black 

The grass is too green 

The wood is too solid and the earth is too deep 

And she’s cursing the sky and the stars

Cause who would have thought 

She had a hole in her pocket 

And stars don’t fall that often 

This poem is about: 
My family


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