A Catalyst for Change

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 21:25 -- Jissel

A Catalyst for Change


When you look at us, what do you see? 4 teenage girls

One, expected to drop out before finishing high school just because of my race.

Two, expected to be as dumb as they come just because of my blond hair and blue eyes.

Three, expected to be easy just because some of the clothes I wear clothes that may be a little too revealing.

Four, expected to be an obnoxious bitch at all times with most people because of my skin color.


Take a closer look at us, we are not what you make us out to be.

I have two more years to go, with a very bright future ahead of me.

IQ greater than the one society has placed on me.

Teenage girl still holding on to her V-card, and not letting some random guy on a meaningless night take That away from me.

Last time I checked, skin color does not define one’s personality.


Brown skin and Mexican

Expected to get pregnant before 15.

Expected to stay home to cook and clean.


We will no longer be that girl whose destiny is already predestined to be.

Because today is the last day we will be that girl with a burden in her back.

We will break loose from the chains of the expectations and write down with blood, soul and sweat our own future.


I will be the next Victoria Woodhull,

Who will give voice to the ones that don’t.

Who will sweat and fight for the rights of the mistreated;

The one who will support issues that will leave the Victorian era behind.


I will be the next Ellen Ochoa.

Hispanic woman who changed the lives of many: who inspired the young.

Who tore the blindfold of those who thought that a Hispanic woman didn’t have the potential for NASA.

I too will be the one who inspires the young to go beyond cooking and cleaning.


I will be the next Rosa Parks,

Who will stand up for the injustice.

Who will tackle the 200 pound discrimination.

I will hold my fist up with comrades to end the hate among others because of color and race.


I will be the next Dolores Huerta,

Who will give rights to the minority.

Who will become a spokesperson for the rights of workers.

I will be one of the many women,

Who will free the hard working men from the chains of injustice.

Who will make a difference in the life of those who work hours under the sun rays,

That only receive less than the minimum wage for every gallon of pesticide they breathe.


We will no longer be the victim... We will be the leader...

We will clean up the streets of our nation...

We will speak out for others

I will speak out for my client in court,

I will speak out for the hungry.

I will speak out for those on the wrong track.

I will speak out for those wrongly accused for being the color they are.


We are women empowered by our words.

We will raise our voice for human rights, for justice, for social change…

We will use our words to shape the reality…

Together we are a catalyst for change.

-Jissel, High School Student



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