Cat woman

The wrinkles etched in her face

are like memories etched in my mind.

Cat Woman played in the background

as the sound of my grandmothers breaths echoed behind me.

Her breaths two seconds apart

two seconds longer I knew she was still here,

two seconds I still had her,

just two seconds longer.

We watched slowly as cat woman came to find her killer

Grandma came to find her last breath.

2 seconds,

3 seconds,

Cat woman wakes to find jewels spread across her bed

and Grandmas breaths began to slow.

4 seconds,

5 seconds,

as cat woman goes to see the lady with all the cats

Grandmas breaths get further apart.

6 seconds



As Patience accepts that she's cat woman

Grandmas breaths officially stop.

While Cat Woman leaps and bounds through life to find her killer in the movie

Grandma is taken from me in real life.

With her heart stopping as the doctors prayer ends.

6 seconds

turns to minutes

turns to hours

turns to days

and still every time I close my eyes I see it.

See her chest stop rising

her legs stop twitching

and her heart stop beating.

When it gets too quiet

I can hear her ragged breaths stop

the not so silent room

as we cried and cat woman found her kill as noise in the background.

Now the wrinkles etched in her face

like memories etched in my mind

are just that...memories.

Now she is a memory.

Forever on my mind

Forever in my heart.

R.I.P Grandma

I love you

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My family
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