The Cat and the Fiddle

There once was a cat who played the fiddle.

He played for dough but made a little.

Then one day he was deep in debt,

So he went out to buy a net.

He also went and borrowed a boat,

But it didn’t really float,

So he sank into the bay

And remains there to this very day.

Some may ask, “Did he drown?”

No, but found a friend deep down.

It was a girl fish, beautiful sight.

And he loved her with all his might.

And so they married happily

And decided to start a family.

But their children were a big surprise,

They could barely believe their eyes.

They looked like fish with fins and a tail

They also had gills and were covered with scales,

But the strangest thing was on their face

For on their cheeks whiskers were placed.

So, many generations of catfish went by

Until the day one caught man’s eye.

Now you know the entire tale,

Of how love one day prevails.



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