Castle of Glass

I take a deep breath
I open my eyes
I am prepared to see the worst.
To see our bodies laying on the floor,
Covered in broken glass and blood.
It was an earthquake.
I felt the ground rumbling under our feet and the glass castle we had built shattered.
We tried to rebuild it,
Somehow that made it worse.
We cut open our skin on the jagged edges of the glass until we bled out.
My mind screams at me to get up and keep trying,
But I can't move and neither can you. 
So we lay there,
Looking into each other's eyes and saying good bye,
As the memories flash through our heads,
Of blue skies and train rides.
Of staying up late looking into each other's eyes.
Of smiles and laughs and everything that was perfect.
But nothing is perfect,
Not when you live in a castle made of glass.


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