Hey silly you're probably at work or something but you should stop by sometime I mean its only been  11 years since I've seen you and sometimes I wonder if you even know I exist I exist I existed but in your mind I didn't that's fine I'll survive with or without you in a soldier remember...

No, you don't cuz you were never there when I needed a laugh or a joke or when a boy broke my heart and I need to cope but I'm sure you'll come around some day right? right?

Because I am sick and tired of crying and at night feeling lonely cuz your not here by my side cuz momma's not here anymore and it's getting hard to fight it's been 11 years without you in my sight and I am tired of it when will you make things right when will I not have to fight by myself and have you by my side.

Casper let me see you one time let me determine if we look similar similar traits got the same eyes something, Casper! Before your time runs up I just wanna say I've had enough enough of the I'm going to the store to get some milk and ill be there "next time."

Casper since the name daddy doesn't exist in my vocabulary I thought I'd give you a new one it fits your personality very nicely you know since your too cool to hang out with your creation cuz you want other women to be your motivation. But maybe one day you'll be a man and take responsibility into your hands and actually be a dad

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My family
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