Carry On Hope

Trudging his lifeless body out of the rusty gate of life,

A bloodshot-eyed boy stumbles down a gloomy street

Breathing in the purities and love of the world

He exhales its harbored hatred


Street lights flickered and dimmed

A cold breeze grazed against his tender skin

Silence and darkness filled the empty homes that settled in rows


Trudging his lifeless body, the boy listens attentively

Wishing the world can stop and listen as well,

To the irresistible sounds of loneliness


The boy, fallen from fatigue and hunger

Laid helplessly on somebody else’s lawn

Crying for the bloody scars and wounds of reality felt like hell

Dripping down his wrist, sorrow and agony gushed out like a raging river


Unlatching the ball-and-chains that shackled his arms and legs

Leaving his soft and gentle skin sore forever

Sojourn relief and joy arose a small smile

And tears rained down from his teary red eyes


Holding up for the moon to see the marks on his body

He prayed for someone else to witness his misery and pain

Feeling for something to pull him up, the boy’s ephemeral comfort faded

For there was nobody to pick him up from his suffering


Reminiscence of childhood crawled back into the boy’s skull

Sweet drops of light fallen into a vast stormy ocean of darkness

Memories of when his father raised him high up, proclaiming his love

Memories of when his mother smiled and hugged him til’ daylight’s end


Memories of when his father stumbled across the corridors

Still holding onto his beer bottle and screaming violently

Screaming the names of his “beloved” to appear before his drunken eyes

And locked behind doors, the mother, and two brothers hid in fear


Sinister was the smile that crept on his face

And insanity reaching its intoxicating peak

He destroyed the wooden door

And pieces of the chipped wood, lay devastated and lifeless

On the empty floor


Rushing towards his children with great speed, he grabbed the boy

And as his brother escaped into another room, and the mother

With fiery ambition, fend for her endangered son

Her strength could not withstand the monster that became of the father


Ravaging on the boy’s tender arm with his white teeth, the child wailed in agony

Now the boy was older, and he stood the same height as his father

Changed occurred. The father controlled the beast within

But never could he control his discrimination against his own son


Every word blared from his booming voice declared for war

And the boy, forced to raise his white flag, faced the upcoming destruction

Rumors of an embarrassment spread across like a virus among all family members

Ridiculed and destroyed, the boy lay in his room tormented by judgement


Weak and damaged, the boy’s heart was torn too many pieces

With no friends to bring solace, but

Hateful children who stole the food from his plate

And abandoned him on the lonely swings creaked for eternity

As a doctor, the mother stitched his body numerously, but with not prevail

Could not to recreate the happiness that once existed in her little sweet boy


Picking himself up

He dusted the memories and trudged through the streets

“Who will love me? Who will cry?

Will someone come to my exhausted soul

When it no longer longed to roam this earth?


Helpless against such unbearable thoughts

The boy trudged on through the streets

Crossing his arms now

For the cold shoulders of the world scraped gentle skin


Coming across another home, the boy shivered with fear

On the lawn, pieces of broken beer bottles lay shattered

With the glistening drops of blood that dripped from its sharp edges

Fear stricken, he stumbled backwards


Staring at the knives that guillotined his tongue

The tools of destruction that murdered his innocence

The robbers of every joy; the robbers of every smile

That could have been his


Rage emerged from the ruins of his heart and every word it spat

Felt like bullets that pierced the boy’s body and

Manifested in the boy’s frantic gestures

For his voice was ripped and thrown away long ago


With the blood cooling down, the boy cried again in sorrow

For all things evil come from man’s hatred and anger

Clinging onto his sanity harder

In fear of losing another jewel to mankind


Without hindrance, the boy trudged on towards the street once more

Clear from all his hatred and fear

He listened for the silence that he once heard

And savored it dearly, for he knows all ecstasies never last


The boy emptied his pain into a bottle and sent it off to the beach of his dreams

Where the waves washed and ebbed them away to nonexistence

And feeling the sand where braille letters were printed

Staring at the starless sky, the moon shone its light of hope

And the braille letters lingered on his lips

Reading, “Carry On.”


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