Carpe Diem for a Coward

Hiding from the world

From its prongs and thorns

Cowering inside myself

Open my eyes and blinded

Protected from endless pain

It’s safe in here


Refusing to leave

Brushing away hands

Don’t need anyone else

But this space and me alone

I am my own ally

It’s safe in here


Listening to myself

Words spilling out on pages

Locked away to depths unknown

Never see the light

Nor anyone see them

It’s safe in here


Envying those who find good

Despising the walls

That keep them out and me in

Taking precious time maintain

Convincing myself for my own good

It’s safe in here


The wind calls me to fly

The sun creeps into my heart

The trees beckon to come play

The mountains entice me to explore

The sea promises me

It’s safe out here


Laughter streams through me

Not from within but without

Scorn and hatred laced

Exactly as expected, and not

Kindness and strength exist too

It’s safe out here


Watching the world

From my doorway

A baby step at a time

Learning to trust and learning to leave

The world is too big and too small

It’s safe in here


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