Carnival Town

Shots are being fired, but it's all in my head
The stabbing memory that nothing was said
The screaming inside is getting so loud
I'm just waiting for that final silence to kill of my rage, the dirt, the dark black cloud

I'm ready to slaughter this filthy town
It's worthless here, it's bringing us down
To a carnival where the clowns are real
They're laughter echoes around my life, my bet, my end of the deal

If seconds keep on passing like days
My insanity will eventually become its own ways
I'm leaving this Hell hole, along with you
Because I'm tired of your face, so fake, anything you say isn't true

Maybe someday, the butterflies will kill
And they'll rest upon an endless sunset hill
Keep on smiling and the only ways you know
'Cause I'll enjoy the ride, the candy, I can't wait for when you let go


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