I love those timeless moments when you sing to me. I forget all else that is surrounding. Truly, I’ve never experienced a sliver of time so pure and melting that seemed as if time was standing still. Not a shift on the ground, a crackle in the fire, or rustle in the wind, only my heart rapidly racing with a thrill. I watch you for what might feel like an eternity, as you take my breath away unexpectedly and surest of all, silently but suddenly. I fall in love with you more each time the way you touch me without using your hands. I see innocence, Authenticity, Your true heart. If my heart had legs it wouldn’t be able to stand. Our eyes lock and in those raw moments I’m here. Now. Presently grasping what life has to offer, not distracted by the yester’s or the Morrow’s. Simply embracing the gift God has placed in front of me as you steal my heart graciously and make it reappear. Wow. Before I would have desperately looked away, afraid of feeling bare skinned. Today peace took over my heart with a shy grin. Amazed and captivated like witnessing a dream I’ve dreamt, for the first time. Like taking a supplement to fill the gaps that I’ve missed my whole life. I’ve never felt this particular way, and with you I know this is what my heart yearns for. Moments of you singing to me in the car, me unable to hold back my smile, staring intently at each other.Without touching me you touched me. And I want more.

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