The Cards of Life

Every day Life deals us a hand

Sometimes exciting and sometimes bland

We cannot control the cards we are dealt

Only control the way things are felt

Life will sometimes deal us a heart

Playing that card is a good way to start

Spending our time with the ones that we love

Having a good time will bring us above

When Life deals us spades it will be hard

Making our game feel dreary and marred

Sometimes diamonds are dealt our way

Bringing beauty, money and fame today

But when Life deals clubs it will hurt

Pain can make us become inert

Just remember whether high or low

That you are the player on this game show

You get to choose the cards that you play

How you react and how you survey

The cards in your hand do not dictate

The actions that you make or how you relate

To others who also play the game

Whose hand could be worse or the same

So remember to give others a heart

To love, to cherish, to be a part

Give them diamonds to make them feel good

And help them discard spades as they should

Though Life may be random our actions are not.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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