Sat, 01/11/2014 - 14:11 -- Aerial



I'm not that tough if you boil me
I never cry but drip weep seep leak flow ooze My grapes just dangle there low
Easy picking one two
Russian roulette is exciting with the right Russian and gun
A magnificent shot at having it all in me
Creases in my Levis not as deeply as my brow
Catechism is for cat lickers says GAZ like he'd know
Crazier then bread from that pizza joint
Pure coincidence the same as O.J. convicted and freshly squeezed
I never met a like I didn't man
Or kiss subterranean frivolity open mouthed
Slippery isn't always an easy glide friction burns
Calories one at a thrust into the galaxy feverishly
I'm beaming up now my particles all yours now babe
The taste of crimson on my lips leaves me raw
Excited for the opportunity even if the dam breaks
Winston Churchill was a cigarette smokers cough
All lush and green moldy lungs spewing phlegm
Cancer devoured mother and didn't stop there choke hack
Consumed my beloved Menace on birthday 47
Without ever doing drag or puff in 17 days
The abundance of lashes those hos glue on
Restless spiders wrestling on their lids tangling entwined mingling batting
Who goes there and does that I'll never understand
Or care or do or love or want or need or go fishing with
Overcooked and mushy for the time being as is
Manufacturers suggested retail selling price
Of a carambola...
Unknown or cared
Not happenstance



Dean Young is my current read.

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