The Captured Ones


The day we met, I actually cried

I did, understanding that he would stay by my side

We walked and laughed together

I may have stopped if I had known he'd be gone forever


The first time he kissed me, I got goosebumps

The second time we kissed, my heart began to pump

He told me that he would never leave my side

And on that day, his love was what I acquired


The third time he kissed me was the last

Everything began to happen so fast

They grabbed his hands, but then he pushed free

He screamed and shoved, trying to protect me


I remember how it was on that day

It was raining and there was nothing to say

The tears began to roll down my dark cheeks

Until the enemy held me and I let out shrieks


I woke up on the dirty ship

Feeling a torturous pain on my lip

The ship stopped on a land they called "a dream"

And there were faces moving about like queens


Screams were heard all over

And I asked people if they knew my lover

They began to sell us off one by one

Until the time struck dawn


I was not in a dream, I discovered

And this life could never be recovered

These days, I must go through the same thing again

Picking out this cotton through this rain and pain


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