The throbbing pulse of the silence
Made immune to the deadening enclave of walls of stone
In this captivity, but one soul exists 
And calls this asylum her home

One lives and soundlessly breathes here 
Alone, with no creature around 
But she can hear the noises of her demons
How achingly and relentlessly they pound

Enslaved to the words and reckless abuse 
Each day she surrenders her shattering life
To the bloodthirsty demons around her
Enhancing and craving her strife 

This embodiment of desolation 
Recaptures her each day with its arms
Like a thief who thinks he owns her 
After the Others produce her harm

She's trapped here in this place 
Yearning each day for deliverance 
Holding onto what little hope remains 
That just One will not show indifference 

If she continues listening 
To the demons around her and in her head
Soon, she may surrender to them 
And lie, in her entrapment, dead. 

Silently and slowly, the walls around her thicken 
A way of extrication seemingly unattainable 
But just outside of her concrete prison
Enters a way of once again making her sustainable 

Her barrier is slowly dissipating 
As one attempts to break her walls
Telling her of a Savior above 
A way of rescue from her fall 

Instead of plunging further into darkness
Surrendering to her own captivity 
She slowly ascends through the help of a Savior 
And finally sees His light, allowing her to be free 


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