A Captain America Mug

Mon, 12/16/2019 - 12:43 -- Prima

You sit there, lips moving, creating the words that speak of passion and love. Your eyes, shining, a light shade of beautiful green, that envelopes me when I stare at them. Your hands, doing most of the talking with every emphatic movement and gesture. Your hair, glossy and brown, still wet from the shower you just took. You have completly transfixed me, every word you say sinking me deeper and deeper in love. Every time you hold out your hand for me to take, it makes me long for an eternal life with you more and more. Every time your lips press up against mine, it makes me want to hold you in my arms until they fall off. Every time you say, “I love you”, it makes me want to scream my love from the heavens. All these thoughts rush through my head, as you reach for your Captain America mug.


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