A Capable Mother

A capable mother in low income housing is like a superman in metropolis 
A capable mother is one who has access to a car and when you have a need she comes through for you even if it goes unnoticed
A capable mother is one who takes the abuse of a big headed son yelling at her because he doesn't like to be waken up from his sleep abruptly from yelling she's doing because he didn't do his duties and wash the dishes
A capable mother is one who has only simple methods of winding down like a beer or two and a cigarette instead of a snort or two of cocaine 
Its a shame that in the world we live in working class citizen's in most cases parents in most cases mothers get mistreated walk around feeling defeated 
Resources depleted and her children are needy sacrifices her life and she does it all alone she refuses to say openly her child holds her back refuses to call her child a mistake refuses to think anything other than we can make it 
Father the unknown element not a category in this case cause where i come from i was a missed abortion my father didn't want me he had seven already what he need me for
Pitiful my mama do the most i barely notice it she's such a strong women I'm steady pointing out her weaknesses and i feel it because of lack of encouragement
She's not used to it so I don't get it like we know our mothers love us we just don't hear it often shout out to single mothers who struggle for us everywhere 
Special love to my mother I know she will always be there for me


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