Canvass of Life


United States
40° 34' 22.5624" N, 74° 7' 47.5248" W

As I stare at the blank page in front of me, life is breezing me by
People change, people love, get married, grow old and die
Yet I am still here. Staring at this blank page.
Is this the way I want my life to be? Blank. Vacuous. With no depth. Just like the page.
I refuse. I stand for something. I am a student. An intellectual. A vibrant individual who loves art, people, culture and knowledge. Who is still as curious as a child yet responsible like an adult.
But here I stand, in the midst of both worlds. Trying to grasp my place.
I am not yet a wife. Nor am I a mother. My life is just starting. Yet I am 24.
There is a ledge and I want to fall off. Forget about it all! Take the easy way out.
As I step on it, I am glued into place. Maybe it’s the vertigo or maybe, just maybe, it’s hope.
Hope! Yes, it’s hope. That as I am staring at this blank page, I am seeing a pocket of vibrant, electrifying color. Color that eases the mind and captures the soul.
In this moment I know. Life is indeed a canvas. A bright, colorful canvas it is.


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